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How Does The Unilevel MLM Plan Work

Unilevel MLM Software Offers Full Featurs

Unilevel MLM plan is a single level plan with unlimited width, i.e. unlimited members can be added on the frontline. Unilevel plan is considered a universal plan as every compensation plan does have a sponsorship tree represented in the form of unilevel architecture.

Binary Plan
Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel is a very popular compensation structure for MLM companies. This structure allows a distributor to build a business by adding members one at a time. This model works in a “one-two” drop format. Distributors can add as many members as they wish, building an unlimited amount of downlines. Though structurally similar, a unilevel network differs from a matrix or binary network (the difference lies in how levels are structured). There is no spillover in Unilevel Compensation Plan. The business multiplies and scales as the company adds more team members, and every person becomes the frontline. A system like this is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that network and sell products in different categories. Even large enterprises choose this structure, which fine-tunes the features of the software and allows for sophisticated capabilities. Unilevel MLM Software can strengthen your business by providing you direct control over the distribution line. This software will regulate wealth from downlines, error-free.

Bonuses in Unilevel MLM Plan

Sponsor bonus is the bonus paid as an encouragement to the sponsors or distributors to promote business and recruit new members to their downline.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast start bonus is the predetermined amount payable per new recruit. This bonus provided a starter benefit for enrolling new members.

Level Commission

Level Commission is the amount payable to the distributor from the sales achieved by downline members. The Unilevel plan has an unlimited direct downline.

Rank Advancement Bonus

When the distributor advances to the higher ranks set by the MLM company with specific rank criteria, the distributor will earn this rank advancement bonus.

Leadership Bonus

When the distributors meet certain bonus criteria to earn a certain percentage of the MLM business turnover, the distributor will receive the leadership bonus.

Level Bonus

Distributors receive a bonus when they achieve thier level within their matrix structure, and member could get lot of income in hes/her levels in the dwonline.

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