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Monoline MLM Software

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Monoline plan is the simplest of all MLM compensation plans. In this plan, members are added in a linear fashion, one below the other, in a first come first serve basis. Therefore, this plan is also called Linear Plan or Single Leg plan.

How Monoline MLM Plan works

Monoline MLM Plan that is also known as Linear MLM Plan, is closely related to forced Matrix Plan. While moving into the technical aspects, Monoline Plan proves to have some benefits over forced Matrix Plan. That is, the forced MLM Plan works under a particular number of slots (which is mandatory to be filled up); but in the case of Monoline Plan, there is always a chance to earn every time when a new person joins the network. The structure of the downline depends upon the joining time stamp. The first who ever come will get more of the benefit.
Anyone who joins the company after you is placed below you and you stand to make a commission every time a member joins. It does not matter who recruits whom but it is merely about the timing of joining that decides your returns. Though there are no restrictions about the number of legs, some companies put in restrictions like one should recruit a minimum number of members to be eligible for commissions.

Binary Plan
Monoline Compensations & Bonuses

Monoline MLM Compensation Plan

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus or Sponsor Bonus is the bonus earned when a user refers or sponsor any new member. He/she will get a certain amount as a referral bonus. In a similar way, a user can attain maximum benefits from sponsor bonus.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus will occur in cases when a user gets the bonuses like referral bonus or rejoin bonus, then the sponsor will also get the same advantage i.e., both user and sponsor will get the bonus at the same time.

Rejoin Bonus

Even though it is a single leg structure, the users will get many re-entries when system grows and will be getting bonus/commissions too. This is a particular speciality of Monolonie mlm plan.

Monoline MLM Software

Uniqueness of Monoline Plan

Compensation Settings

Monoline MLM Software

There is no other MLM compensation plan as simple and straight forward as the monoline plan. The ease of recruiting and managing and accounting makes it one of the most preferred and popular business plans in the MLM business. Though the commission structure is not so justifiable to newer members, it definitely encourages members to join as early as they can. This gives the much needed momentum to the company’s growth in the initial stages. At a later stage, the company can modify the commission structure or add requisites and conditions about minimum number of recruiting. This will balance the commission rates and also keep the company’s growth consistently.

Advanced MLM Features

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